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Click the Green PolkaDot Box to Learn How to Save 60% On NonGMO Organics   
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What choices will you make today, that will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow?


Our future depends on our knowledge and actions. Together we CAN find the path that will lead us to a greener, healthier future.

Environmental Booty

Wondering What the Fuss Over Living Green Is About?

A new social consciousness concerning our environmental health and human health is gaining momentum at an unprecedented speed. The need for environmental preservation, conservation of resources and the need for reduction of harmful toxicants produced as a byproduct of manufacturing (which an ever growing body of research says could be contributing to disease among us) is fast becoming recognized as a fundamental necessity that must be accomplished without destroying industry. Now is the time for green education, action and innovation.

Where You Fit Into The Green Equation

I believe that synergy needs to exist between your industry, consumer choices, your health and a healthy world. The mission of EHWB, LLC and it subsidiaries is to educate and inspire consumers and corporations to make healthier, more informed consumer choices. I hope youwill choose Environmental Booty as your green home asyoubegin or continue your green lifestyle journey, business or service.

How EB Can Help You

Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty, LLC (EHWB,LLC) operates various environmental and health initiatives under our umbrella with the goal of "Waking You Up".Environmental Booty (i.e. treasure) is a subsidiary of EHWB,LLC which owns and operates My name is Shane Shirley-Smith and I am the Founder and President of EHWB,LLC). My professional background is in communications, business development, medical sales, development and implementation of green social media strategies, marketing and copy writing/editing.

Under our umbrella, EHWB,LLC operates various environmental health initiatives and offers health and environmental consumer information, green social media management and consulting, specialized link building initiatives for SEO, green lifestyle products and creative business partnerships for a greener life and world. 

My goals are to help consumers and businesses become aware of how their choices impact health and the health of our environment and empower brands and organizations to effectively plan and implement their green social media marketing efforts in order to share their green products and services to consumers and businesses throughout the world.

I Specialize In:

  1. Helping your brand build a relationship with a highly engaged green audience
  2. Increasing sales by increasing search engine optimization (SEO) with effective viral and relational link building
  3. Helping you to plan, implement and manage your green social media marketing efforts
  4. Positioning you with a green social media specialist to manage your online presence.

If youd like to advertise with us, implement a blogger outreach program, sponsor a Facebook Giveaway or sponsor a post Id be happy to send you my rates.

If youd like to work find out about social media management or partner on some other promotion Id be happy to create a customized proposal just for you.

What We Stand For

We advocate and endorse the following principles as our mission...

To use social media to promote the green living and working message throughout the world.

*To preserve a strong economy and help businesses in their efforts to innovate for a greener, healthier future

*To educate consumers about GMOs.

To remove the deadly chemical aspartame from our food as well as to fight for toxic chemical reform through passage of the Safe Chemicals Act while working with Safer Chemicals, Healhty Families.

To work to educate our youngest children and teens on the importance of protecting our environmental health and human health around the globe.

To protect the rights of Americans who wish to say NO to vaccines.

To expose the dangers of pharmaceuticals, chemical food ingredients like artificial colors and flavors as well as unproven flu and Gardasil vaccines.

To promote health freedom, including breast feeding, and the inalienable right to choose our own modes and methods of health care.

Are You With Us?

Our future depends on our knowledge and actions. What choices will you make today that will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow? We believe that together we can find the path that will lead us to a greener, healthier future.

Please Contact Me if you have any questions about living and working greener orto talk about how we can partner to connect your brand or organization to our green audience and beyond.

Contact Shane Shirley Smith today to connect your green business with out growing green audience through social media

Shane D. Shirley-Smith